Spiritual Growth
Adult Ed Class- As Christ awakens us, we discover a hunger to be close to God and each other. This small group is designed for active people who are ready to pursue their own curiosity about how to live faithfully in our complex world. Our setting allows leadership to rotate within the Adult Ed class as we follow a loosely planned set of discussion questions.

After Church Discussions - Sermons are intended to move the heart and stimulate the mind, but some of us wondered: what’s next? We created the discussions to give people an opportunity to ask questions of application, investigate Scripture in directions that were not allowed by the focus of the sermon, and hear about some of the research that didn’t make it into the sermon. Lively debate is encouraged as participants wrestle with what God’s Word means for our lives.

Choir - Singing is one of the spiritual disciplines mentioned in Scripture. We have a traditional choir in which members develop their own voices, listen to the voices of their neighbors, and pay attention to how the sounds of our voices harmonize into one piece of music. We pursue excellence together as a gift of love to God who gives us breath. We welcome beginners and have experience helping new-comers find a satisfying sound.

Worship - Our weekly service of worship is designed for the spiritual growth of all who attend. We seek to share the spiritual food that both nourishes and provokes souls to keep growing in relationship to God. The music and worship format is designed in hopes of connecting with an intergenerational family of believers.

Service Opportunities - Methodists have long known that risk-taking mission, a phrase coined by Bishop Schnase, fans the fire of spiritual growth. Click here for more information about our service opportunities.

Youth & Children’s Ministry - Although we care for followers of Christ in every generation, our body of Christ pays special attention as we teach, nurture, and pray for our young people. Click here for the page of our website dedicated to Youth and Children’s ministry.