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Programs & Events
Lenten Classes
Start your engines, church. United Methodist Pastor Rob Fuquay has written a Lenten devotional designed to help us rev up our spiritual lives. Using the metaphors of the NASCAR world, Rob invites participants to deeply consider the nature of God's love and our response. Sign-ups will be in the Fellowship Hall soon and our groups will begin to meet on the 11th of February, so we can finish before Easter.

God, the Bible & Human Sexuality
How do we discern God’s will for the expression of human sexuality? Churches that regard Scripture seriously can and do come to different interpretations concerning the application of Biblical truth in our lives. The United Methodist church is currently in conversations that may completely restructure our church because we cannot agree on how to interpret Scripture. Designed to appeal to both beginners and longtime students of the Bible, this course will offer participants the opportunity to build a learning community as we wrestle these big questions. All view-points will be respected, material representing various positions will be presented, and the class will be invited to prayerfully pursue finding a meaningful position all class members are comfortable supporting. Visiting conversation partners include Rev. John McNeil of St. Paul's in Ithaca and Rev. Chuck Smith of Cortland First. This class is taught by Reverend Harold Wheat.

Sunday Evenings at Dryden United Methodist Church
Date TBA

Elder Spirit - Honoring & Valuing Elders’ Life Experience More Fully
Dylan Thomas once advised his father, “Do not go gentle into that good night.” Yet, in this culture we so often avoid speaking of aging that when the time arrives we sometimes lack the words or even the desire to name our experience. Elder Care Consultant Fay Brunnell and Reverend Harold Wheat work together to provide a set of classes that will offer participants opportunities to bring the presence of God and the love of intergenerational community to bear on helping elders celebrate the gifts of aging. From telling the stories of our lives, to sharing our hard won wisdom with younger generations, we hope this will be a fun and meaningful experience for all involved.

Beginning after Easter