Children & Youth Ministry
The stories of Jesus were intended to draw us into an exciting way of living. Jesus understood that because the Gospel overturns conventional power dynamics, there are parts of our life together that children and youth can absorb and enter into more easily than adults. Our dedicated team of teachers seek to present the stories of Jesus, offer creative application, and invite young people to become self aware participants in their lives with God.

Sunday School
Our Sunday School usually takes place during our regular Sunday church service. Because we want to help our young people develop a love of worship, we invite our children to be part of the opening of worship with Psalms and Singing. After a brief children’s sermon, they are invited to Sunday School that takes place during the remainder of the service.

Using a curriculum developed to engage our children’s desire for adventure and exploration, our teachers seek to help children develop a relationship with Jesus that will guide them all of their days.

Presently we have no children that are attending this program.

Youth Ministry
Several of our teens have a deep love of drama, so we offer youth the opportunity to engage with Biblical stories through a monthly skit. In preparing for each staged reading, youth are encouraged to reflect on the story and take time to see how God may be entering their lives as they prepare to present Scripture stories. There are set and stage roles for those who may not want to speak in public. We aim to have a skit performance every month. Rehearsal times vary to youth schedules.

We also invite our youth to serve alongside of us in our weekly Community Dinners.