Our History
The Spirit of God inspired a local man to begin telling others about the
good works of the Lord in 1831. As people listened to him speak, they
realized that he had been given a gift from God to share the Good
News. A Methodist society was founded shortly after this. We have
been constantly meeting here and serving our community ever since.

In 1873, the building of the church burned to the ground. The church
family and larger community of Dryden worked together to rebuild
and the new building was completed in 1874. Since then we have
seen many changes move through our community. Through it all we
have done our best to faithfully present Christ as Savior and live our lives
according to his Word.

The Methodist movement, from which the United Methodist Church has
evolved, is well known for combining “Knowledge and vital piety” (Charles Wesley’s words). Learning and study is as valued as enthusiastic personal experience of the Holy Spirit. We hold tightly to the truth that Salvation comes through trust in Jesus Christ. And we believe that Christ saves the whole person; our social, economic, and political relationships are as important to God as our souls’ private relationships with God. Because of this, Methodists have been leaders in movements against slavery, child labor, and domestic violence. The Dryden UMC takes great pride in what God is doing in our generation to actively build the heavenly kingdom here on earth.