Our Beliefs
All of creation is telling the glory of the Living God (Psalm 19:1). Every creature is a book about God, writes Christian mystic Meister Eckhart. The surprise is that God who arranged the heavens with intricate care desires to be in joyful relationship with you and me (Psalm 8:4). We matter to God.

Out of a deep and respectful love for us, God respects our freedom to choose how we live our lives. Sadly, humanity has sometimes chosen poorly. We have caused tragic harm to each other, ourselves, and the other creatures with whom we share this living home. We have released brokenness, distrust, and violence into our life together.

Jesus came to release into our world a love strong enough to heal the brokenness and awaken the consciences of those who are continuing to live harmfully. He calls us into relationship with himself and gives us the privilege of being together so that we can practice this new and powerful love in community.

In the process of healing us from the sin that tends to isolate us, God gently turns our lives upside down. Those accustomed to power are given such a taste of God’s Spirit that they begin to welcome and even boast in their powerlessness (1 Corinthians 11:30). Those who were lonely bask in the warmth of genuine spiritual friendship. God has a way of helping us realize that we are most healthy when we are not the center of our lives. As you are reading this, I invite you to consider placing your trust in Jesus. Come and join us in the mystery and adventure of being guided and transformed by God’s love.